My Hero


Heroes of Hope Cover PhotoLittle Kent 1’s recent work was featured in the Barry Robinson Center’s “Heroes of Hope” publication which was produced to celebrate April’s Month of the Military Child.

My Hero

“My mom is my hero because she is loving. She never gives up on us. It might get stressful sometimes and trying but she is still on it taking care of the family. Another reason why my mom is my hero is because she is my all time love loving star. She works at the Pentagon and the money she gets she uses it on me. She uses the money to make sure I have shelter, clothes, food and water. My mom is my hero because she takes care of the family before herself. My mom is an awesome hero. She always does nice things for my brother, my father, grandmother and me. My mom wants me to grow up, get a job, and maybe a job in the Navy. I love my mother and my family. My mom is the best mom and she is my hero.”



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