Match 3 Preview: Annandale 3 vs. Annandale Panthers


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ANNANDALE, Va. — The Annandale Panthers will face Annandale 3 on Saturday, October 3. The match starts at 10:15 am at Wakefield Park in Annandale. The teams will play two 35-minute halves. The Panthers will be the home team in red jerseys.

Parents and fans are reminded that due to COVID-19 requirements from the Annandale Boys and Girls Club, all spectators must remain on the same side of the field as the team and maintain social distancing. Face coverings are required for all observers and please use the provided hand sanitizer before and after exiting the playing field area. All spectators and players are asked to exit the playing field area immediately after the game.

The Panthers are 2-0-0 this season.


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